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About FNCYScan

FNCYScan is a convenient and easy service to search information from FNCY blockchain. FNCYScan enables transparent transactions, blocks, wallet addresses, and other on-chain data from FNCY chain.

Blocks, transactions, contracts, and wallet addresses are searchable from the main search box and top search box of each menu. Due to the vast amount of blockchain data, input data must exactly matched before it can be retrieved. In addition, it provides easy-to-view information data by classifying categories.

How to Use FNCYScan

Main information provided by FNCYScan is as follows.

You can check the details of the assets and all the transactions of a wallet address.

Smart Contract search provides details of all transactions, asset travel paths, gas costs, and more about the address that was created by Contract Account (CA).

Trasnaction ID search provides detailed information about the transaction history.

Block Number search provides details of the block and the list of transactions contained in the block.

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