Transaction Search

This article explains how to view your wallet's previous transaction history.

Requesting Transaction List

Request the past transaction history of my wallet.

val transactionList = fncyWallet.getTransferHistoryList(
    wid = 10000L, //Wallet ID
    assetId = 6L, //Searching Asset ID (Optional)
    pageNo = 1, //Page Number. default: 1 (Optional)
    pageSize = 6, //Page Size. default: 1 (Optional)
    filter = InOut.All //Filter (Optional)

  • InOut.all = All

  • InOut.deposit = Deposit

  • InOut.withdrawal = Withdraw

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You can search a single transaction by passing the transaction's history number (historySeq).

val transaction = fncyWallet.getTransferHistoryDetail(
    wid = 10000L, //Wallet wid
    historySeq = 10000L //FncyTransaion's historySeq

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