FNCY blockchain solves the blockchain security problem by using the BSC code as the default template applied when creating an FNCY instance. This has been audited by Certik, HashDit, and Slowmist.

Certik Audit

HashDit Audit

Slowmist Audit


FNCY blockchain solves the virtual machine security problem by fully trusting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) of the official Go-Ethereum code base. EVM is universally used in blockchain networks and has been audit-tested thousands of times.

FNCY chain implements the relevant logic directly through smart contracts without relying on third-party services to fully manage and validate the governance and reward distribution in the EVM runtime environment. This means that staking, governance and reward distribution are fully managed and validated in the EVM runtime environment. Multiple audits were passed to prove that the code was free of vulnerabilities and bugs.

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