Use MetaMask for FNCY Chain

MetaMask is a wallet that supports multiple networks and provides deposit and withdrawal functions for FNCY Mainnet and Testnet. Developers can also deploy smart contracts and conduct related tests through Metamask You can install metamask and use FNCY Chain in the following order.

Installing MetaMask

You can download and install MetaMask from the Chrome Web Store by searching for "MetaMask" or by following the link below. For web, the feature is not yet available through Internet Explorer or Edge, and mobile users can use the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Running MetaMask

After installing MetaMask, click MetaMask in the extensions tab area in the top right corner to move to MetaMask welcome page

If you are an existing user, you can select 'Import Wallet' and use the Secret Recovery Phrase to recover your wallet, or if you are new, select 'Create a Wallet' to create a wallet as shown below.

  1. Setup Password

  2. Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase The 12 words that make up your Secret Recovery Phrase are a type of private key that allows you to restore your wallet. It can give you full access to the assets in your wallet, so be sure to write it down accurately on a piece of paper or keep it in offline storage where no one else can access it.

  3. Reconfirm Secret Backup Phrase This is a process to confirm that you have correctly identified the Secret Recovery Phrase that you recorded/stored earlier, as this is very important information.

  4. Wallet Creation Complete

Add FNCY Network Information

If you want to use FNCY Mainnet coins, you need to add them by manually entering FNCY blockchain information.

1) Go to the Add a Network Menu

A. In your MetaMask wallet, go to the Settings menu or B. current network name will take you to the Add Network menu.

2) Add FNCY Chain Information

  • Add FNCY Mainnet Information

  • Add FNCY Testnet Information

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