Verify Your Contract on FncyScan

Smart Contract Verification

A smart contract is a system that records transactions between contracting parties in code and uploads them to the blockchain, and automatically fulfills the contract when the contract conditions are met. As a prerequisite for the above, users and contracting parties must be able to verify the source code of the smart contract. Source code verification assures users that the posted contract code is the same code that is executed at the smart contract address on the blockchain.

Step 1: Deploy a Smart Contract on FNCY chain - For information on how to deploy a smart contract, read here.

Step 2: Go to FNCY Explorer or Testnet Fncy Explorer

Step 3: Enter Information for the Deployed Contract

Enter basic information such as the address of the deployed contract, the source code compilation version, and the file type of the source code as shown below.

After entering the basic information of the contract as shown above, enter the source code of the contract as shown in the photo below and proceed with the verification.

Step 4: Verify the Verified Contract

When the contract verification is complete, you can check the verified contract source code on the contract detail page as shown above.

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