Create/Restore Wallet

This article describes how to create/restore a wallet.

Create Wallet

Creating Wallet

If you don't have a wallet, you can create a new one with the parameters 'wallet name' and 'wallet password'.

  • Wallet password can only be a "6-digit string of integers".

  • A user can only create one wallet.

val result = fncyWallet.makeWallet(
walletName = "wallet name",
pin = "wallet password", // A 6-digit string of integers

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Setting Wallet Restore Questions/Answers

If a user loses the password to the wallet, the assets in that wallet are lost forever.

However, if a user has registered a wallet restore question/answer, users can recover their wallet using that answer as a recovery key.

Requesting List of Wallet Restore Questions

The recovery key for restoring your wallet is a pair of selected questions and answers.

First, select a restore question by requesting for a list of questions to choose from.

val result = fncyWallet.getQuestionList()

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Registering Wallet Restore Questions/Answers

You can register a wallet restore question/answer using the number of the question (questionSeq), the content of the answer, and the wallet's password.

val result = fncyWallet.postRegisterRestorationKey(
wid = wid, //If makeWallet() succeeds, wid is returned in the result.
questionSeq = questionSeq, //user-selected seq from the list of questions returned by getQuesetionList()
answer = "Backup Question's Answers",
pinNumber = "Wallet Password"

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Restoring Wallet

If a user forgets their wallet password, they can change their wallet password and recover their wallet if they have a registered wallet recovery question/answer pair.

Calling User's Registered Questions

If you have a registered wallet restore question/answer pair, you can request a registered wallet restore questions.

val result = fncyWallet.getResetQuestion()

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Entering Question's Answers and New Password

You can change the wallet password and recover the wallet by using the restore wallet answer and the new wallet password.

val result = fncyWallet.postResetQuestion(
answer = "Backup Question's Answers",
newPinNumber = "New Wallet Password"

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Change Wallet Password

You can change your wallet password using the current wallet password and the new wallet password.

Changing Wallet Password

val result = fncyWallet.resetWalletPin(
oldPinNumber = "Current Wallet Password", 
newPinNumber = "New Wallet Password"

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