FNCY Wallet

Create Wallet

To create FNCY wallet, you must first sign up through FNCY website or app download through SNS link register.

Check Account Balance

FNCY wallet supports BNB, CUBE, GBC based on FNCY mainnet, BSC Chain (BEP20), and CUBE and ETH on ETH Chain.

You can check your wallet for coins, tokens, and NFTs you hold, and check the details of your assets when you select each asset.

It is difficult to check coins or tokens using other networks when providing services specialized for FNCY mainnet, but will be announced separately when we expand support.

Send Coin, Token

If you want to send a coin/token you have in your FNCY wallet to another wallet or exchange, you will need your wallet address information, and the transfer will incur fees (FNCY, BNB, ETH) depending on your network.

Network fees are are paid for verification on the blockchain network required for transactions (transaction execution and contract operation) may vary depending on the network environment. Please hold coins for the fee in your wallet before the transaction.

How to Verify Wallet Address (Receive Coins, Tokens)

When you transfer coins or tokens to your FNCY wallet from another wallet or exchange, you can check your deposit address through the Wallet Menu Receive button.

It provides the convenience of converting complex address schemes into QR codes that can be exposed and shared. FNCY wallet supports FNCY mainnet, BSC (BEP20), and ETH (ERC20) networks, so please note that sending coins for other networks, such as BEP-2, is irreversible.

Once the deposit is complete, you can confirm it as an asset in your FNCY wallet and view the transaction details for that asset.

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